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A screencast is one of the best ways to explain to people how to use your product or how to effectively communicate with a program. If you are a teacher or representative of a company that develops software, then you simply have to make screencasts and show on a live example how to use your software or work according to your methodology. It's easier to show one time than to force your customers to read the manuals thousands of times. So you can show the actions and the concrete result.

Screencastify is the best solution for recording screencasts. If you conduct your educational video blog or conduct webinars, then this thing will save you a lot of time.

Screencastify is suitable for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Yandex Browser. The expansion is put in seconds and provides you with a convenient tool for creating videos. Here you can select different options for recording video, such as: the number of frames per second, quality, and others. The main convenience is the ability to save video on the drive Google Drive and publish videos in Youtube. Expansion gives you the opportunity to set the level of privacy you need and publish the video at the right time, when everything is ready.