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BeFunky photo editor

Using photo editor you will easily be able to make a work of art, even the perfectly ordinary just a couple of minutes. "Befunky" gives the possibility of using different kinds of filters, brightness, cropping, flipping the images, retouching them, etc. additionally, this photo editor allows you to insert pictures in various frames, abundantly represented in the collection program. By the way, some of them created by ordinary people from the community application.

About the plugin

To attractive features include the ability BeFunky create photo collages to add to the editable labels and fun stickers.

The program allows you to instantly publish BeFunky collage or separate edited photos in social networks Facebook, Twitter and so on. You just need to bind your own social media profiles to the application. From the transformed images if you want, BeFunky online, you can create the whole gallery.

For all its merits, this photo editor is absolutely free and contains no annoying advertising.